How do we make it all happen? Through our design process, of course. The best part is... you can be a part of it. Themes for our tees are inspired by our creative events, which bring together diverse groups of people and give them a platform to share their stories. Next, our talented team of designers and artists work their magic to take those conversations from idea to fabric so you can keep spreading the word one wear at a time.

A community of kickass people worldwide working together to create a suite of sustainable statement pieces. Sounds like our kind of heaven, but none of it would be possible (or even worth it) without well-educated girls. Knowing this, we’ve set out to improve access to education by making one school uniform for every t-shirt sold, and providing after school tuition and support to contribute to the next generation of female community leaders. Sierra Leone, where our founder Akim grew up, will host the pilot program — watch this space.

Gender equality, one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, is a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.

Globally, 65 million girls (including 31 million girls of primary school age) do not attend school. In Sierra Leone, the lack of access to education for girls is an enduring problem that adds to layers of other hardships they may face as children and in later life. While we firmly believe that all girls should have the opportunity to reach their full potential, this is not only an injustice on an individual level. Ensuring that girls receive an education passes on knowledge to their wider community and to their country as a whole.

In the community in which we run our pilot program, a uniform is compulsory for attending the local school. In providing uniforms free of charge, as well as other supplies and resources for girls in this community, we hope to allow more of these girls to obtain the education they are entitled to.

In addition, these uniforms will be made entirely locally, and the wider community will be involved in providing tuition and other resources where ever possible! Through these efforts, we hope to pass on the benefits of this program to all members of the community.


We believe that the best way to live is through connecting and listening to our fellow humans. That’s why we develop all of our designs with groups of real people living in Zurich!

We bring together the unique stories and opinions of diverse groups of people, to challenge ourselves to be more open-minded through making real, human conversations and connections. Our all female team of designers and artists then work their magic to translate the shared ideas onto fabric so you can keep spreading the word!

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